Prince & Princess Estates Properties Limited

This is a real estate firm that specializes in design-build of all kinds of houses, apartment buildings, estates and complexes.

Some of our portfolios include: 5000 housing unit at Duboyi district Abuja costing over 15 billion naira, 40 unit estate for U-17 golden eaglets costing over 300million naira.

Niccus Industries

This is our manufacturing arm with capacity to produce a wide range of products; from health to agro-allied to health to well being and cleaning items. Our 12 product lines are fruit juice, ladies sanitary pads, baby diapers, Pencils, antiseptic soap, plastic bottles and bottled water ,instant noodles, Jute sack, cardbox boxes and shopping bag

We employ over 4000 direct and indirect staff. Niccus Industries has a market value of over 2 billion naira.

Riok Nigeria Limited

This is the oil and gas division of the company. This arm provides services in the oil and gas sector which include turnkey services, build of refineries, build of petrochemical plants, waste water treatment, supply of natural gas, environmental protection services.

Prince & Princess Construction

This is our construction arm that specializes in building all kinds of rigid structures. Our portfolio include the construction of bridges, health centres, sport centres, power plants. We employ over 3000 staff.

Henry and Nick Associates

This is the arm of business that deals with supplies of original equipment- ranging from medical, power, building, to construction and manufacturing. Sand mining is also an important part of Henry and Nick Associates business. We have supplied many cubic millions of sand.

Good Homes Development company

This is a comprehensive housing development firm that specialise in planning, design, construction and management of all building types in Nigeria, Ghana and abroad.

The company, is a full construction and contracting firm registered under the Allied and Company Act, 1990. It was established as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for the actualization of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) Nationwide Affordable Mass Housing.