Our work speaks volume in areas of quality and timely delivery.

Our clients range from local businesses to multinational companies. We have worked for State and Federal Governments and multinationals and partnered with local business owners. For most projects, we plan, design and execute.

Generally, we have managed large, high-value assets where mistakes could prove much more than just financially damaging – at risk could be worker safety, local communities and the environment. All in all we have delivered these projects with no record of safety failures, project delays and poor service delivery.

Our professional services extend across the life cycle of assets that are of critical importance to our clients. We help our clients to build, operate and extend the life of equipment, – with quality as the key. Through our quality assurance services we help our clients manage their systems and risks across a wide range of sectors.

We ensure quality construction and operation of critical infrastructure. We do this by benchmarking assets against internationally agreed rules and standards.

Model of operation


Plan-from cost and risk planning, feasibility studies and logistics to impact assessment , we plan every aspect of the project


Design- we desing structures such as hospitals, dams, power plants, power distribution network


Execute- our clients entrust us with project management. We therefore ensure that deadlines are met, cost is controlled and success is delivered