2.jpgOur key focus is on attracting, retaining and developing people of first rate talent at all levels of the business, which is reflected in our core approach to recruitment and selection.

We are dedicated to:

  • Recruiting and retaining high caliber people for available positions
  • Building a high performance culture that is shaped by our Core Values within the organisation.
  • Providing a challenging environment for all employees to unleash their abilities.
  • Ensuring that appropriate support mechanisms such as communication, records, human resources controls and world class people management solutions are in place and maintained.
  • Our LAP model is designed to attract needed talent and retain high performing employees by fostering a culture that rewards achievement of outstanding results and provides the opportunity for all employees to learn and grow.  We attract, retain, and motivate employees through a mix of fixed pay (including allowances), incentives (short-term & long-term), perquisites, and benefits.
  • Our Performance Management system, closely tied to the reward framework of the company is an integrated system that entails the measurement of set targets (objectives) as well as required competencies. A strong emphasis is placed on employees’ performance, contributions and achievements, rather than tenure and we communicate our rewards philosophy, strategies and programs in an open, honest and transparent manner


To apply to positions advertised, please email your CV and cover letter to info@snecougroup.com

Your cover letter must make reference to the position you are applying for.