solar powerOur business focus is power networks and power generation encompassing hydro, thermal and solar.

In line with the federal government’s power sector reform, we are committed to helping our clients achieve the vision of quadrupling our power output by the year 2020.

We partner with the federal and state governments of Nigeria to achieve this lofty aim. Our clients include several state governments namely; Nassarawa, Bayelsa and Niger state.

The Nigeria power market is being driven by the new power sector reform. There is the need for secure, affordable and diversified energy sources. This has presented an upsurge in demand for high quality professional consulting services like ours. Snecou group is able to provide the breadth and depth of skills that are necessary to meet the needs of the power sector. Our well proven strategy of offering the wider services of the Snecou Group wrapped around our core power sector capability is all-encompassing.

We have a large scale multidisciplinary design capability that is provided through a structured project delivery process and we ensure competitive cost advantage of up to 30% savings to our clients. Our strong technical offering, proven delivery process and competitive pricing is a compelling value proposition in this fast moving and technically complex sector.

Snecou group is continuing to develop its power sector services in the African market place. We projected to be a dominant force power consulting not only in Nigeria but also Africa-wide. We are tackling a diverse range of new power projects such as offshore generation and transmission and the integration of smart grid technology that will ensure our clients are well prepared for the evolution of the power sector. Also, have helped our clients develop a coal, gas turbine power stations.