We provide cost effective design, development and construction management services in rural electrification for both overhead line and transformer step down systems.

From conceptual and detailed design to the renewal, enhancement and installation of new systems, our experience and skills enable us to offer a comprehensive service.

Our overhead line equipment (OLE) design team provide OLE design and allocation, which includes scheme feasibility, outline and detailed design, using dynamic computer modelling between the overhead line system and the pantograph, major remodelling designs, upgrades for existing OLE systems, and condition surveys.

Electromagnetic compatibility assurance including management and control plans are provided by our team of specialists who also deliver whole lifecycle management

We also provide design and technical consultancy services relating to the earthing and safety process, including the development of strategies for earthing solutions on both AC and DC electrification schemes.

Furthermore, our stray current design capability covers civil and structural design for stray current protection and stray current protection for rail infrastructure and utilities.