3.jpgAt Snecou group, we employ the best candidates for any given positions. We match employees skill set with the right roles. Due to our employer welfare policy we attract the best in all fields. We attract highly skilled, enthusiastic, and dedicated workforce that are passionate to learn very quickly, developing themselves as they go along as well as contributing the company’s growth.

We hire based on LAP model (learn, adapt and progress)

We are building Africa’s largest conglomerate and we believe our success hinges on attracting personnel with certain business, leadership qualities who genuinely want to make a difference. We need people who can learn, adapt, and progress whatever portfolio is given to them. We offer unique opportunities for leaders to develop their skills while making a difference within their sphere of influence. Due to our dynamic business environment, we need people who are flexible, goal-oriented and have a knack for success.

We are a company with great visionary focus. For this reason, we are geared towards developing, motivating, rewarding and retaining individuals with requisite competencies to usher the company into this great future.

As an evolving Company, we engage in effective human capital development programme so as to groom junior level members of staff to indispensable senior members contributing immensely to company’s growth.


Human Capital Development at Snecou group

2.jpgWe are focused on ensuring the structured development of our employees right from basic entry level to the most senior positions in the organisation. An elaborate formal Trainee Programme has been developed to this regard. In this program, our young trainees will be exposed to basic skills development programmes and learning experiences through which their general business knowledge would be strengthened, and through which they would start the process of building the core commercial, technical, functional and leadership skills required as they settle into their longer-term jobs in the Company.

Same applies to our apprenticeship programme. Budding civil, structural, mechanical engineers are given on-the-job training to help them hone their skills. They are put through different rigorous trainings offered by specialists, experts in the respective fields.


Career Management

4.jpgOur formalised Career Management system enables us develop career tracks for individual employees. As our young entry level employees successfully complete the training program, we begin to have a clear sense of their areas of strength and where they would likely succeed the most in their careers. Thus we are able to place them where their strengths are thoroughly exercised. Hence we are able to develop tailored career plans for each individual, showing the job progressions that would enable well rounded competency development and exposure to required job experiences.